Thursday, 18 August 2011


この 世界は とても 美しいだよね。さまざまな形態で 私たちと 話をした。^ ^
空もその一つですよ。しかし これまでに、あなたは耳を傾ける?
This world is very beautiful. She talks to us in various form. ^ ^ Sky is one of the form she talks to us. However, have you ever listen to what she said?

The sky said:' I see you tomorrow.'
When I was on my way heading to Kepong from Ampang,
using MRR2, some where near Wangsa Maju.
Ya, do not follow me. This is dangerous driving...

On the Plus Highway from Johor to KL.
Am only using my mobile phone to take all these photos.
However, they were all just too beautiful even with the
low pixel camera was able to catch the pretty scene! ^ ^

The sunlight behind the cloud
is telling you, difficulty will end
when the light comes. ^ ^ (does it look like a post card? ha)
This was taken at my Apartment in Ampang.

This apartment is near to forest, therefore,
always can see very beautiful  "sky scenery"
The sky said:' I made the sun shine on you gently.' 

Wow!! this one is so wonderful! I like this one very much!
In the afternoon, while I'm on my way to
take my car in the apartment car park.
Like the cotton candy!
So yummy 
The sky said:' have a sweet day, my dear. '
It really so sweet!
Almost the whole sky with this cotton candy-like cloud ^ ^
Ah~ this is on MRR2 as well,
from Ampang heading to Cheras area.

Little cloud... Lovely!
The sky said:' My blessing is everywhere!'

This is a Paddy field in Sekinchan.
This piece of  paddy field only produce rice that
export to other countries.
This is my first time to go so near to the paddy field.
The rice do not went through chemical process.
After cleaning and dehusking, it will be packed.
Safe to eat and more healthy, but you can only
get from Sekinchan, not in any stall in KL here.

This was taken at my hometown, Batu Pahat, Johor.
The sky is always so blue and clear!!
'Love me, I am always very beautiful.' 

All these photos were taken by my phone camera, model Samsung SGH-Z240. It doesn't have very good spec in the phone camera, yet all the pictures of the sky look so wonderful!! ^ ^
I always believe that, it is because this is the nature. ^ ^

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