Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Clay Art- Really Fun!! ^^

I started to learn clay art using the polymer clay recently and found it so interesting!! Playing clay no more only for kids but ha! ha! adult like ME! (^^)v 
The 1st lesson we learn about basic and finally came out with this butterfly. Oh! four cute baby butterflies! ^^

An idea appeared when I saw a pineapple on the table. Ha!

Second and third class was fruits and vegetable. Delicious? Oh Looking at them made me felt very happy. And had sent this photo out to my friends. Hope they too feel the happiness and prosperous energy. *.*
These cost me 4 hours to complete. Small things but not easy ya.
Hi! Guys... dun said you are not romantic enough. Just your little handmade clay angel can be romantic enough for your girl friend. A guy made this for his girlfriend during the class. (secretly wanna surprise his girlfriend. Yet he did it very detail.) ^^

This is one of the teacher masterpiece. It looks so "full" ^^

The little sheep. I saw this pattern from an expo in Pavillion for handmade art. And it  attracted me a lots. Thus, I tried to made while back home that night. However, it still look like my style. The original version is really nice and warm feeling while seeing them. ^^

Papa sheep(the black), Mama sheep(the white) and baby sheep(the red). Oh! I love this feeling!! Hope they bring you the same feeling as well ^^

So....I had also make an fat fat angel. Ha! ^^ I had made it into a necklace and given to a friends daughter.
I wish that this angel can bring luv to her. ^^ (updated at 16th June 2012)

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