Sunday, 31 July 2011

My Art Part IV

It have been a long time, I'm thinking of doing a small sketching booklet for my pet-- Ji You (自由君), a very adorable rabbit.
And finally I have drafted some out and hope that I will finished all the picture soon.
This year will be the fifth year it staying with me!! ^ ^
Very intelligent, very special breed.

When it was only two months old,  it just like a very 'sticky' baby, kept following me here and there wherever I go. 
It learned to follow my instruction in a very short period. 
It will jump and jump and jump... whenever it got the freedom to come out from the cage. Like to bite things like puppy, and dig...dig ...dig wishing to make a hole on the marble flooring. Ah~ but this is the nature of an animal
Very picky in food, do not like carrot but alfalfa grass... 

It always rested down like this whenever I talking to it. When I called the name " Ji You". The ear will stand up. My friend said, it is more like a puppy than a rabbit. ^ ^ Ya, not only the action and also the size. A big rabbit... and heavy... ^ ^ 

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