Tuesday, 19 April 2011

My Arts (part I)

 During Secondary...

 During University...



I love drawing since childhood. Mum gave me a unused diary /note book and a pencil and I started to draw. I drew mountain, birds, sun, cloud, trees, flowers, butterflies, bees,etc...Anything that I found around my house area.
At that time, there was a forest in front of our house. Cool air and also lots of unexpected "friends" will came to our house anytime. There were once a big spider(as big as the kid's bicycle wheel) came into our house, since then, I was so afraid of spider! Until today I still can't accept it. =_=
This is just like how I love drawing ^^ until today I still continue to draw and enjoy it very very much!!

Parents send me for an art class when I was standard 3. I had had learning with the teacher for 9 years. 陈哲冰老师. She is a great teacher to me even until today. A very beautiful lady with long, very long hair. ^^ (If anybody knew 齐豫,she look like her style.) With her guidance, I won the Gold Reward in Japan World Children Painting Competition in consecutive two years !! ^^

During University, I had done lot of sketching using people's photos.^^ It ain't easy. (for me.) It took me one or two days to complete one. ha! goodness. =P 

"You like painting but it doesn't mean that you have talent in it. However, practice made perfect!!"  (this was told to me by a teacher when I continued to learn art at his art studio after graduated from University. ) 子健老师. He had taught me how to draw a picture to look like a real one. Amazing! So grateful to him! The technique that he taught influenced my way of painting until today. ^^

I have come across with lots of very good teacher along the process of learning art. In year 2009, I started to draw comics. Wau!! Another new try for me. New knowledge and techniques in drawing. This is another world of art for me. Complicated but interesting. ^^史美星老师.とても 可愛いの人。^^ haha 

Through him I got chances to explore more regards the local comic industry. Even though not as happening as the oversea market, but their stories really touch me. Is a Dream people pursue, is their Persistence, and is always True, Sincere.

The road is still far and future is unpredictable but believe in what you have not seen...Whatever you do today, decide who you are tomorrow. ^^   

僕は 精いっぱい頑張ります。^^

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