Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Happy Birthday! Mum ^^

If she happened to see this, she will sure scolded me:' 神经病啊!给我拿下来!’
Then I will replied her:'这么美,没有关系啦!' ^^
And she will continued:'什么没关系?!给我拿下来huh!!' O_o
I will then said:' ok, 明天拿下来.' but I don't think I will did that. ha.=P

She always told me that:' 每次想到你的事,一整个晚上不能睡觉。'
I always said:'不用担心啦!我很好.'
She will told me:'那份工那么好, 你为什么。。。'
Initially I will said:'我真的很讨厌哪份工。' then, a lot of comments started from the other end of phone.
Now I said:'我已经回到工作岗位了.'
Then she change topic:' 你什么时候找个男朋友?我不能一直在你身边。'
Previously, I told her:' 不可能让我随便在街上找个就嫁掉吧?'
Now, I told her:'很多人不知道要选谁.'
Then, she will said:'噢~要看好好,不要选错人。' ^^

My mum is gentle, even though sometime she is very strict to her children.. She knew how to communicate with me to make me follow her wish.Now, I have learned the way to communicate with her, so that, she feel better, and I can still carry out with my things. ^^

One day, she called me and said:' 你可以打电话给我告诉我你今天吃了什么,做了什么呀!这样我才知道你的生活怎么样.'
When listened to this, I can't really talk at that moment. I felt her loneliness... ...
Then she continued to say:'像戏里面的人那样。。。'
Oh my God!!. =_=lll

She stayed with my Dad and the two nieces in Johor. She is now very busy with the two little 'monster'. ^^ I will back to Johor once in a month. I still can't spend much time with her now. I'm so afraid when she really need me I can't even spend a minutes with her. Therefore, working very hard to build a future where I can spend 24 hours with her when she needs me. ^^

You are my Heaven. Happy birthday Mum!

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