Monday, 20 August 2012

Charlotte Mann
Really awesome! When I first saw these arts. They are all in white and black but look so real and complete. ^^ I was wordless at the moment watching at them, and I don't know how many time I had saying this: " Wau! Wau! WAU!" ^^ I'm very excited! I was nearly "killed" by this artist inspiration, her imagination, how wide she sees the world, and how she express herself through the drawing.
My heart is beating so fast! Wau! ha...
Charlotte Mann, a British artist known for her wall drawings and drawn room installation. All pictures draw by  thick black maker pen and scale are derived from one to one picture plane.
With the absence of colour, effect of light, shadows, weather, all things became very outstanding. Every item in the picture carried it own effect and feel clearly.
Charlotte Mann is trying to get at is the "this-ness" and to concentrate on the material form.
(see more at her link:
"Before I draw something I like to fully understand what it is and does, to hold it, feel it, walk round it, explore it. Im as, perhaps more interested in how something feels than how it looks. I need to experience my subject through all my senses'. " Charlotte Mann
She is a very passionate and creative artist. I love the way she express herself in her art works. Shining but not complicated. Pure and sincere...

And....I wish I could have a small corner in the house(in the future maybe...^^) to fill with such beautiful atmosphere. Haha!

Live is always full of surprise. When you don't know, doesn't means that it does not exist. ^^

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